About Me

Hi! I’m Jacqueline. Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve always wanted to “save the world”, whatever that means. I try to make the right decisions and help others when I can.  I received a bachelors degree in Biology (took me just over six years:) hoping that I could somehow save the tiger. Seems pretty far fetched but I haven’t given up yet.  Baby steps. Saving the tigers, every other wild animal, all the plants and trees, the environment and of course end all suffering are all on my to do list. Join me on my comical, yet hopeful world saving adventures and please share your own.

In addition to my world saving shenanigans I’ll be adding in some tidbits about everyday life. More specifically motherhood, being an awesome wife, living green, veganism, weightlifting, infertility, adoption, wildlife conservation, business owning, skin care recipes, gluten and soy free recipes, and whatever the heck else comes up in life.

I’d love to read your comments, questions and/or your own stories.  Try not to get too offended and hold back on any mean comments, because that’s just mean 🙂